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The Years of 1986 to 1990

The next five years would prove to be the time for a great Club from the past to show even after some controversy that it could head into the 90's just as great a Club in the future.

The Arnprior Lions Club unveiled their Friendship Arch in July of 1986. It was located in the Hydro Park by the Quality Inn. It still sits there, proudly with it’s clasped hands welcoming all who live here and those that come to visit in our town.

Once again the Lions helped the Lionettes with their annual quilt auction. This was their 4th year with some 200 quilts put on display.

A donation was made to the Arnprior Hospital to purchase a bed for home patients requiring extra care. Other parts of the year saw only normal things happening that all Service clubs do.

While discussing some up-coming events and ways to raise money , in 1987, the Arnprior Club continued in part to supplying eye glasses to needy third world countries. In a typical year the Clubs throughout Lions International who participated in this program would collect about 150,000 pairs of used glasses. These would be cleaned , repaired and then shipped out to any one requiring them. We still do this to-day. The Club also donated an Apple  2-C  computer to the McLauchlin Centre. The rest of the year was very quiet.                                                                        

This upcoming year of 1988 as previously mentioned would test the metal of the Arnprior Lions. The better things first. A major donation by our club, in conjunction with the Optimist Club and the Royal Canadian Legion was made. It was agreed to purchase a $37,000 ice machine for the Arnprior Arena.

In 1988 the Club celebrated it’s 37th consecutive Farmers Night This annual event started you may recall in April of 1951. The first guest speaker was Frank Ryan of Radio Station CFRA in Ottawa. Many notable speakers have attended this event including John G. Diefenbaker in 1953.

A large elimination for an 1988 Lincoln Town Car was held in the fall of 88 that would cause a few problems for our Club. The draw was a great success until the last few minutes . One ticket was miscued and the wrong winner for the car was announced. To resolve the problem it was decided that this $20,000.00 car would be sold and each holder of the last two tickets would receive $20,000.00 each. Even after it had been throughly reviewed and considered resolved by Consumer & Commercial Relations it still remained up front for a period of time. To 90% of the towns people we had made a mistake. To the other 10% we had mud on one boot so both feet must be dirty. The following 18 years will prove the doubters wrong.

A new Lions Club is in town. Because of the controversy with the elimination draw for the Lincoln some members left the Arnprior Lions and with a group of new and interested citizens formed the Arnprior/Mcnab Lions Club. It was chartered December of this year 1989.

Our club the Arnprior Lions Club continued as usual to go forward. We made another large donation to the Arnprior Fire Department. Also a donation was made to the Avoca House. We then completed our commitment to the ice making machine we made in 88. Plus we run a successful Triathlon.

Were we afraid of elimination draws? Nope! This year of 1990,  would see us have another one. The grand prize draw was for $15,000.00. It proved to be quite successful and a great morale builder for our Club. Total of all prizes including the grand draw was $30,000.00

We held a hugely successful draw for a colour TV. Made a large donation to the Ambulance Service and sponsored a blind athlete to the games in Europe.

Again we went back into the raffle business with the selling of tickets on a pontoon boat, motor and trailer, which also was very good for us. We even found time to help the McLauchlin centre purchase a new van.

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