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The Years of 1991 to 1997

The next 2 or 3 years were rather normal years for our Club. 1991 saw us do another raffle. This time it was a fishing boat, motor and trailer. We again did very well with it.

The Arnprior Fire Department needed some more new equipment and a large donation from the Club was made towards this.

Arnprior’s Boy Scouts also needed some new equipment and supplies and the Club as a co-sponsor with the Arnprior Legion was there to help them out.

Salute to the Ottawa Valley was once more a major drawing event to Arnprior and along with other Clubs and organizations we again were part of this fun weekend.

As happens, in 1992 we were unfortunate to have some victims of local fires. Fortunately no one was injured and our Club was able to help them get started again.

The Arnprior Fire Dept. Rescue vehicle needed more equipment and a donation of some $6000.00 was given to them to get them started.

Along with numerous smaller donations, 92 saw us help sponsor the fireworks display in town and we also made significant donation to a local cancer victim.

1993 was a rather quiet year for the Club again. We donated over $4000.00 to various groups and individuals who asked us for help.   

Another rather large donation was sent to the Arnprior Hospital along with a helping hand to the Arnprior Food Bank.

A new Fire Hall was in the planning for Arnprior. The old hall on Madawaska St. had out grown its use. To get the Fire Hall up and running the Arnprior Lions Club made a commitment of $25,000.00 towards this project with the first $10,000.00 being forwarded in March of 1994 and another $5000.00 in October of the same year. We also helped out with the Child I.D book that was being presented at that time by the Arnprior Civitan Club.

As well the Club played a big part in the International Ploughing Match that was held outside of Pembroke. This was one of the most successful matches ever held in many past years.

In 1995 the Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre was seeking help and we were right there with our donation. Along with that we hosted a bone marrow clinic.

Our third donation to the Fire Hall of $5000.00 was made in March of 95 and our final payment of $5000.00 was made August. We were very pleased that this commitment was totally finished within two years. But these kind of events could never be accomplished without the generous help, tickets purchased or monies raised at our other events by the great people of our Community. WE SERVE but you certainly help us do it.

We even had time to help out the Ontario Law Enforcement Torch Relay. (One of our members who was in the Club helped at this event. He drove the Police car with the lights on. Very strenuous.)

Over past months the Club decided to expand our hall. The only place to expand  was our garage/storage room at the back end of the hall. Unfortunately this was where we stored our fire truck. After many suggestions and discussions it was decided that we would donate it to the Arnprior Museum. Today it still stands there, possibly ready to answer the call if required. A proud reminder of the past.

 1996 means we are 50 years old.

 Our 50th Charter Celebration in 1996 saw us start off with a major project. It was decided by all 29 members of our club that we would begin to beautify Robert Simpson Park. Our project was to begin construction of a $75,000.00 Gazebo. Upon completion the Gazebo was turned over to The Town of Arnprior on our behalf. It was to be used by anyone in town who wanted to do so. Also our Club worked with other local Clubs and organizations in the rejuvenation of this park. A lot of work was done and today it is one of the most beautiful sights in the Ottawa Valley with it’s setting on the banks Of the Ottawa River.

We participated in the opening ceremonies of Canada Day held in the Park. The Club also joined MTO in the Adopt A Highway Project. To be part of this meant we had to clean both sides of Highway 17 for 2 miles. All the garbage was bagged and piled along the highway and MTO would pick it up for us.

1997 saw us continue with the help of other groups to work at Robert Simpson Park. It was certainly worth the sacrifices. It also saw us raffle off tickets to a baseball game in Toronto between the Blue Jays and the Montreal Expos.

We received our 2nd electric wheelchair which like our other one was refurbished and could be loaned out to anyone who required their use. We still do this today if any one needs one. We also have hand powered chairs and scooters that are often on loan, there is no payments required for their use.

Again we were along the highway with our Adopt A Highway Project. Most of us were dressed in coveralls and some people assumed we were a chain gang earning our living.

The Club sold artist prints that were painted by a former member of our Club who was suffering from ALS. They were very successful.

We had a cairn built beside the Gazebo in the Park and had a time capsule inserted into it for future posterity. Our sister Club the Arnprior Lionettes celebrated their 25th anniversary and we were pleased to help them celebrate it.

Not everything we tried would turn out as we would like it too. This year in conjunction with Parks and Recreation we decided to hold a WWF wrestling card. What a bomb. I think there were more wrestlers there than spectators. We sure lost the best out of those three falls.

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