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The Years of 1998 to 2001

The year of 1998 will long be remembered as the time of the great ice storm. Everything in our part of the province and western Quebec was totally covered with ice. Even though it was an awful disaster which saw much damage being done, it was also a time when people, business, retail, military, medical organizations, and service groups stuck together, worked together and overcame this disaster. The Arnprior Lions Club was no different, we made a large donation to the Renfrew County Ice Storm Relief Fund.

A refurbishment project on the Cenotaph in front of the Hospital was started by the Arnprior Legion and our Club helped out with a donation to this great event. We also made a contribution to the cost of two Welcome to Arnprior signs.

This was the first year that the Club helped out with the Annual Canada Day Car show. It was the 19th year that this show had been held and was looked after for the past few years by the Town of Arnprior.

During 1999 the Club assisted the Renfrew County CNIB with their 99 Lottery Calendars. We co-sponsored a Public Skate Night involving several members of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club including Jason York and a young player by the name of Wade Redden.

On Father’s Day of 99 a fun filled, successful fishing rod contest was held at the Arnprior Mall. Of course it was held inside of the mall not by the pond outside at the back of the mall.???.

We held a raffle of which saw the winner get his choice of any type of fuel they required. Fuel prices were rising at that time and it went over very well. The Club also made a large contribution to the Lions Foundation Dog Guides. Once again we were back at Hydro Park helping the Town with the 20th annual Canada Day Car on July 1st.

Millennium Year 2000. We participated in some of the Town of Arnprior Millennium projects and helped out financially wherever we could.

We also donated over $7000.00 to other  projects and causes that were happening locally in our town. We continued to help the Civitan Club with their Child ID Book and made a contribution to the Arnprior High School Red Lightning-Electric Car Project which was very well presented by the students and the teachers involved.

Another wheel chair was donated to our Club. We now have several electric chairs, scooters and hand powered chairs at our Club. These are loaned out to anyone who requires one and there is no cost involved. To this day these chairs, etc are available.

Our Club was recognized at a local event as a past recipient of the Arnprior Town Crest Award. This year at the 21st Car show we helped out, made a large donation to help keep Canada Day and the Car Show for the July 1st celebration, it also saw us help organize the Car Show as well.

A young patient required assistance with Hyper Bark Oxygen Treatments and our Club responded immediately to help him obtain this. We held a raffle for a side of beef which was well received. The Club also took part in a Drug Awareness Program for local students and we made a donation to a local church Christmas Dinner.

With the disbandment of the local Civitan Club,  the Arnprior Lions Club, who for the past 5 years donated to their Child ID Book,  took over this project ourselves. The book is titled “Don’t Take Candy From A Stranger.” Every local Grade 1 student receives a copy of this ID book each year.

2001 is a year that will long be remembered for the terrible disaster that happened to our friends south of the border. It was the year so many people died at the World Trade Centre in New York. May we never have to see anything like this again any where in the world. Like all other Lions Clubs ,world wide our Club made a large donation to the LCIF Disaster Fund to help those involved in this horrific event.                                                          

We made a large donation to the Arnprior Hospital to help with new equipment and helped a local amateur travel to the National Championships. The 22nd Canada Day saw us once again help organize and look after the Car Show.

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