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The Years of 1951 to 1957

As the club entered 1951 it slowed down a bit. Most of the projects had received a great start during 49 and 50. Still the club started off with donations to the Arnprior Hospital for emergency lighting, two sets of steel playground equipment for the park, Arnprior intermediate hockey team, Arnprior Agriculture Society, Renfrew County Children’s Aid Society, Arnprior Citizen Band, junior hockey and Arnprior Rec. Centre.

The P.A. system at the Arnprior rink was having trouble. The club members with radio abilities donated their technical skills and also with a donation soon had the system up and running.

The start of the Bingo games in May were delayed as the rink had not dried out enough to hold this event. It was back on track for June.

Eight bus loads of teenaged boys and girls were taken to Lansdowne Park in Ottawa to watch a baseball game between the Ottawa Giants and the Toronto Maple Leafs. All expenses covered by the Lions Club.                 

The last meeting of July was held in the Arnprior Park. After the meeting bathing suits were donned and members armed with rakes, shovels, etc. attacked the stones, glass and other debris along the water edge. Then five loads of fine sand was spread on the shoreline for everyone to enjoy. (Don’t tell MNR , fish Habitat you know.) A five foot cement apron was also completed around the wading pool in the park.        

A new grandstand was constructed at the fair grounds with the club taking part in this project as well.  (Could be something to consider again.)

Just before Santa Claus appeared this year, ten children had their tonsils removed compliments of the Arnprior Lions Club. I bet they really loved us.

The club purchased new steel playground equipment for the Mary Street Park as 1952 rolled in. That year also saw us sponsor the Minto Follies at the local rink.

Heavy metal waste containers suitably painted and with the Lions crest on them were placed on downtown streets to collect waste paper etc.(Wonder who collected the barrels)

As winter left and spring arrived a raffle was held to determine when the ice would be off the Ottawa River.  When fall arrived the club operated four refreshment booths at the International Plowing Match held at Carp.

This was to be the year of various entertainment groups being in town. In 1953 the Lions Club hosted The Kidd Baker and His Western Singers at the Arnprior High School. Next was the King Bros. Christiana Circus. Shortly after that was the Van Hooten Show.

Having focussed on the Arnprior Park for the past five years, the club again was still keeping it as a place people liked to gather at. Two booths were moved down so refreshments, etc could be served at the many functions that went on all summer long. During July the Lions Club joined with other organizations to celebrate Coronation Day.

At the start of 1954 the club again was considering a major project. But they were not able to agree on which suggested one they should proceed with. The projects being considered were (a) artificial ice in the Arnprior Arena (b) Band Shell in the Arnprior Park for concerts etc. ©) A suitable building to house the Arnprior Library. The artificial ice at the arena was the winner.                                                 

The years of 55-56 and 57 saw just normal club activities such as bingo, the fair, Farmers Night, Christmas Cheer and the Santa Claus Parade. Some dental work was approved along with glasses for a couple of students.

The King Circus was back. Donations were given to help Canadian Legion Pipe Band. The Arnprior Boys Drum and Bugle Band (which would later become the Arnprior Lions Drum band and a major jewel to the town) was also given a donation to purchase new equipment and uniforms.

 The  10th anniversary occurred during 1956 with 55 members in the club

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