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The Years of 1958 to 1965

Bon Voyage to the 50's. I n 1958 a second oxygen tent was purchased for the Arnprior Hospital. The club continued to help The Boys Drum and Bugle Band become better equipped and dressed. We purchased street signs and presented them to the Town for erection at the various intersections. A cheque was sent to the Spring Hill Lions Club of Spring Hill, Nova Scotia. This was to help them with the mine disaster that had happened in their town.

Arnprior Memorial Hospital received a pledge of $6500.00 over three years to help them obtain equipment.

1959 saw the club continue to sponsor the school patrol which was getting larger. It saw them make their second payment to the hospital of their commitment. And so ended the 50's. The club was by now well organized and respected. Nothing was deemed to be too big or too small to become involved with.

The 60's started out with the normal activities such as bingo, public speaking, Santa Claus Parades Christmas Cheer, Farmers night and Lions Boys Band being front and centre. The Club financed a number of calves for the 4H club. Again we sponsored projects such as The Arnprior Fair, Arnprior Park and Jul 1st Picnic. In 1960, 35 citizens from town including some Lions flew to New York to visit Pfizer Corp. In 1948 it was mentioned about a young gentleman receiving a watch for perfect attendance at school. Well it happened again in 1960. Barbara Dean went from kindergarten to grade 8 with out being absent any days. The Lions Club presented her a watch as well. December saw the final payment of the pledge to the hospital of 1958 being made.

With the help of a mother of one of the boys in The Lions Boys Band, a group of ladies holding a euchre at the Legion and a donation from the Lions , the band started out for another great year in 1961.

A pledge of $2500.00 was made for artificial ice at the arena. And a boat and motor was raffled off. With a few more medical expenses covered by the club for some of the town’s citizens 61 ended quietly.

In 1962 the Lions Club purchased a 1925 Fire Truck from the town of Arnprior for the princely sum of $1.00 and no tax. A pledge of $1500.00 was made over three years to CNIB Lake Joseph Adjustment Training Centre. July was a busy month with the Centennial celebrations being held from July 8th until July 14th. It was noted that the Lions Boys Band was becoming busier each year attending many events throughout the area. It was one of 62 bands sponsored by Lions Clubs in District “A”.

The Lions Club take over another area to develop for a children’s playground in 1963. This one was the Norma Street Park. The Club spent a lot of time getting new equipment and setting it up at this park. They also supplied more new equipment for the Mary Street Playground as well. The members also spent a lot of their time getting our 1925 fire truck ready for up coming events. The fire truck would be a highlight for the Club for close to the next 30 years. We were still doing the Santa Claus Parade with some 2000 bags of goodies handed out by the big guy in red himself.

ATV was presented to the Bonnechere Manor in Renfrew in 1964 for a new wing they had recently opened.  The band now known as the Arnprior Lions Drum & Bugle Band was on the move. As the next few years will show they were a huge success. They would place first in a competition they attended in Cornwall and third place later in Toronto. On their return to Arnprior along with the help of four other bands an afternoon of music was presented with some 2500 people attending.

The Club in 1965 helped the St. John’s Brigade purchase a new ambulance. Again it was to be another big year for the Drum & Bugle Band. Many engagement requests had to be turned down. They played at Lansdowne Park to 14,000 people before the Ottawa West Lions Club 24th of  May fireworks display. A bus was purchased for the band and painted in the Lions colours so they would have their own transportation.

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