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The Years of 1966 to 1970

This year 1966 is the 20th year of the Arnprior Lions Club. Over these past twenty years many things have happened to make this Club well recognized in Arnprior and throughout our District A4. Hopefully you will certainly enjoy reading about the next 40 years to come. To start this journey we have a membership of 56 Lions.

As in the past couple of  years the Lions Drum & Bugle Band was the highlight of the year. It was estimated that the bus purchased in 1965 would log some 10,000 miles. It would travel to points in Ontario, Quebec, New York and other US. states. By now the band also had some 65-70 members so it was decided that a second bus be purchased and painted in the Lions colours. The Arnprior Lions Club became incorporated in 1966.

The year of 1967 would be a busy year for the club. It was Canada’s Centennial Year. Many things were on the go for the 100th Birthday Party. The Band would be everywhere, travelling 1700 miles in 8 days during one session. The Lions Club was busy during the Centennial celebrations but made sure all other business was well attended to with donations being passed out as well as all other annual projects being completed.

In May of 1968, The Boys Drum Corp started  by the Lions Club in 1957 and known as the Arnprior Drum & Bugle Band was taken over by a new executive. They will now be known as The High Risers Drum Corp Inc. During the 11 years the band was operated by the Lions Club some $22,000.00 had been spent on the band. The Lions made it clear that they would still help the new organization when possible.

Every year for the past 10-12 years the Club found something to raffle off at some point of each year. This year would be no different. A tent trailer was this years prize.

 A “Harry Hobbs” night was held in 1969 to honour one of our many presidents. R.H. Hobbs was being transferred by his bishop to a parish in Nepean. He was presented with an engraved silver tray and one of Arnprior’s famed Kenwood Blankets.

One of the next big events which would quickly replace the band was sanctioned in February of this year. The Power Boat Racing or Regatta as it was known by would be held in July/69. This great event would continue well into the 70's. The first Regatta was held on July 19th. It was very successful with some 7000 people in attendance. Proceeds of $3000.00 were donated to the building fund of the Children’s Hospital in Ottawa.

 The end of the 60's showed that the club was very strong in the community with some 59 members. So much had been accomplished. So many expectations for the future.

 THE 70's

The Lions started out the 1970's doing what they know and do best. Donating $1500.00 to VON to help purchase a new car. Giving the new Drum band $1000.00 bringing the total to about $5000.00 since leaving the Lions. Easter Seals Were being stuffed for mailing with the hopes of raising $2850.00 for the crippled children’s fund. This was a program the Club had participated in for many years in the past.

Farmers night held in 1970 drew 180 farmers to dinner. The Club presented the hospital with a New Bennett Breathing Therapy Unit.

The now annual Regatta was once again a great success with some $2000.00 being raised. Also that same year Russ Jackson of Ottawa Rough Rider fame was in town for a father-son banquet.

The year ended as so many other’s with donations of hearing aids, glasses, dental work, donations to fire victims and of course a visit by Santa Claus. Also another successful year for Christmas Cheer.

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