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The Years of 1971 to 1975

The fledgling service club that had started in 1946 with a membership of 55 men has reached the milestone  of their 25th year with a solid membership of yet  53 members. A group of some 125 lions and ladies enjoyed a great evening on October 30th to celebrate this great event.                                                                                                      

The boat Regatta held in August of this year was again very successful for the club. A profit of   $2500.00 was realized. This event was certainly attracting a lot of attention to the town each year.

The club made a donation to our local rink to assist in the purchase of an ice machine. The rest of the year was business as usual with donations to a Boy Scouts Jamboree, help at the fair with our concession booths, helping the 4H Club and other annual events.

The year of 1972 saw us get a sister club in town. The Arnprior Lionettes Club was formed. They assisted our club in many projects that we accomplished that year and still are a great partner. “THANKS”.

The local VON nurse needed a car to visit her many patients. The Lions Club made a $2000.00 donation to help VON get this project completed. Another project started by District A4 saw our Club participate towards the purchase of an Argon Laser Photo-coagulator Machine to be installed at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. All clubs in this District participated. Again a very successful Regatta was held an a donation was made to the Venture Boys Club.

On Dominion Day in 1973 a fireworks display was held in Braeside. It was held for all local municipalities and a large crowd was in attendance. The club made a donation to this great celebration. The regatta again was a success. And amid all the other local events a car raffle was started.

The International Flag set that we set out at out meetings was presented in 1974 to our then President Lion Phil Poole. This flag set should contain the flag of all countries and geographic locations where Lions clubs are present. It was presented to President Phil by then Deputy  District Governor Lion Norm Kinkade also of the Arnprior Lions Club.

The club made a pledge of at least $5000.00 for the purchase of Intensive Care Equipment for the Arnprior Hospital.

Once again the Regatta proved to be a success. A profit of $3200.00 was made and this amount was turned over to the hospital regarding the above pledge.

The Club members enjoyed another father and son banquet, with a lot of fun being had by all. Farmer’s Night for 74 was considered as the most successful to date.

A local family who lost their home and all their possessions were assisted by the Club. As well the final payment of $2000.00 was made to the hospital, again for the above mentioned pledge. This amount included $500.00 donated by the Arnprior Lionettes.

Another regional project in 1975 saw our Club make a donation for the purchase of an Operating Microscope for Sick Children’s Hospital in Ottawa.

For many years the Arnprior Lions Club held father and son nights. Well this year it was decided to hold a father and daughter night. It was very successful and good entertainment was had by all.

Also for this year a pledge of $5000.00 was made to the Arnprior Sports Plex. Also a donation was made towards a diving board.

The Regatta was again a big crowd attraction and the rest of 1975 went very smooth with every thing that was planned being accomplished.

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