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The Years of 1976 to 1980

The year of 1976 would be a major year for the Club itself. Before this year was over the Lions Club  would finally have a club hall of their own. The Club bought the old newspaper building at 77 Madawaska St from the Renfrew Advance. A home of our own after 30 years of moving from place to place. Thanks was to be extended to all of the places the Club had  the good fortune of using over all those years. The hall would be fixed up for all Lions functions, senior citizens, other service clubs, St. John’s Ambulance and any other non-profit organization that required it.                                                                                                    

Just because the new hall had been purchased, it didn’t stop any of the annual events from continuing including 65 Christmas Cheer baskets being delivered. The club also held a Fun in the Snow for dough with a total of $1834.00 being raised.

The 30th anniversary would be held with pride in our own hall.

Fix-it-up meetings would be the norm for 1977. A lot of work went into the new hall but with a membership of still close to 50 and the help of family and friends this was soon accomplished.

The Club held a bingo on the main street which was quite successful. Lion Club members would drive any senior citizen to their meetings at the hall if they so required.

A lob-ball tournament for Lions Clubs held at Tucker Lake near Low, Quebec was well attended by our Club members and their families. Arnprior would spend many fun filled years at this tournament.

Along with all other business they even purchased an electric typewriter for a young gentleman who required it.

1978 would be a busy year for the Club with lots of events planned. They held a beef and pork raffle which was well accepted. The annual bike-a-thon was a go. Another street bingo with a side walk sale was held. Also a bingo was held with The Canadian Legion, Arnprior Branch 174. All the proceeds from this bingo were turned over to the Arnprior Sports Plex.

A pancake breakfast was held in conjunction with “Joe Mufferaw Week”. This was a program initiated by the Arnprior Downtown Merchants.???

The club would hold a number of our now famous pancake breakfast’s in 1979 at the Civic Centre to help raise funds. Another large donation would be given to the VON.                                

After all their hard work a fishing derby was held for all Lions members and their wives and families. Along with corn roasts these fun events were carried on for many years to come.

Awards were still being presented to the high school graduates and watches to 2 boys and 2 girls at the other local schools.                                                                    

This year also saw our Club raise $17,794.80 to purchase a Jaws of Life Unit for the Arnprior Fire Department. The cost of the unit was $15,000.00. The balance that was raised was used to send 3 Firemen to Toronto for a course on how to use the equipment

A joint meeting and ladies night was held in 1980 with the Arnprior Optimist Club. It was a very entertaining evening and other such meetings were considered.

More restoration was completed on our Arnprior Fire Truck. This truck made appearances at many parades over the years we had it. This year after being restored it would appear in the Coronation Parade that was being planned in the City of Ottawa.

A new bike was presented to a young lady who entered into our annual bike-a-thon with the most pledges collected for this event. The club also donated $1050.00 to buy 5 machines known as The Visual Ear, to help the deaf in our town.

We held another special bingo with all the proceeds going to the VON. Then the year ended or the next year started (which ever you prefer) with the first ever, no charge, New Year’s party and dance.

Even though we were busy we even had the time to enjoy ourselves. We had the opportunity to be part of a great baseball game called Donkey Baseball. We will let you visualize which jackass team won.

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